Latest translation:
November 19, 2003

Translated documentations

Translated plugin docs

Problems understanding the included engrish plugin documentations? Well, maybe you are lucky and someone did a translation in your native language :)

Dutch GPU/FAQ docs

* For all flying dutchmen: Robin Oudhuis translated some of the readmes into his native language. Thanx, Robin!

Dutch D3D/OGL GPU 1.74 / OGL2 GPU 2.1 / CDR 1.4 / FAQ Readme files (30 KByte Zip-File)

Indonesian GPU/SPU/CDR docs

* single_fighter surprised me by sending his indonesian gpu/spu/cdr docs. And if he finds some more time, other docs will follow, so stay tuned :)

Indonesian GPU 1.71/SPU1.6/CDR1.3 Readme files (7 KByte Zip-File)

Italian PSX GPU/SPU/CDR docs

* Dario proudly presents the italian translations... there are many italian psx emu lovers out there, I hope the translations will help them to understand all the confusing options in my plugins :)

Italian GPU 1.57/SPU 1.12/CDR 1.8 Readme files (23 KByte Zip-File)

Spanish PSX GPU/SPU docs

* Xenom put his heart and soul into this spanish gpu docs (at least that's what he told me ;)... so read them carefully! I like this translation very much, because now finally calb and Galtor will be able to use my plugins without asking too much stupid questions (ehehe, just joking ;)

Spanish Readme/Version files GPU 1.61/SPU 1.11/CDR 1.7 (40 KByte Zip-File - Updated 12.05.2002)

Swedish PSX GPU docs

* The swedish translation of my gpu readme files was done by Pikachurro and the new P.E.Op.S. spu readme by Kidd... not an easy thing to do (I have to know that... I did the engrish version ;), so thanx for that really great job... lycka till! :)

Swedish Readme files Gpu Version 1.51 (16 KByte Zip-File)

Swedish Readme file P.E.Op.S. Spu Version 1.4 (4 KByte Zip-File)

Japanese PSX GPU docs

* TriMori was nice enuff to translate the OGL/D3D/Soft readme files to japanese... of course I don't understand japanese, so I can't tell you if everything is right :)

Japanese Readme files Version 1.48 (19 KByte Zip-File)

French PSX GPU/SPU/CDR docs

* Jarboo did great work by translating the OGL/D3D/Soft gpu, the DSound spu and the ASPI cdr plugin readme files to french... well, my french is not much better than my japanese or swedish, but I am sure Jarboo did his best to convert my engrish texts into something more readable :)

French Readme files for the gpu/spu/cdr plugins (18 KByte Zip-File)

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