Latest release:
PPlayer V2.0
(December 27, 2005)
NVColorProfiler V1.0
(December 03, 2005)

Other stuff

Here you can find some non-emulation related tools, and older pages, from my ancient t-online homepage. The pages are kinda outdated, but I’ve decided to let them stay, maybe somebody will find them useful (or at least funny :))

Pete's Media Player (PPlayer) 

* My old Windows media player (V1.0 was released january 1998). It plays all kind of sound and video files.

PPlayer 2.0 (74 KByte Zip-File)

- Version 2.0: supports play lists


* A small freeware tool for fighting the annoying "bad game color profiles after reboot" bug with NVidia gfx card drivers.

NVColorProfiler 1.0 (11 KByte Zip-File)

- Version 1.0: first (and prolly last) release

Game page

* Some games I have played (including a small PSEmu Pro compatibility list)

Pete's Game Page

1998 page

* Here`s a link back in time:

Pete's 1998 Page

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