Latest release:
amaZiNc 1.0.1
(November 07,2004)

Pete's PSX Emu Frontends


V 1.0.1

November 07, 2004

Frontend for ZiNc



September 18, 2004

Frontend for ePSXe


V 1.0.12

February 11, 1999

Frontend for PSEmu Pro

Frontend stuff


March 17, 2001

Files for both frontend


* A small ZiNc frontend, for the ZiNc 1.0.x psx arcade emulator. It will store emu/plugin settings for each game, and it can show the ZiNc output for easier error detection.

amaZiNc 1.0.1 (20 KByte Zip-File)

- Added ZiNc output window


* A configuration utility I've made for the ePSXe PSX emulator... comes handy if you are juggling with many psx games and plugin configurations.

(197 KByte Zip-File)

- Pre-release for ePSXe 1.6.0: fix for certain game IDs, new ‘Create desktop config shortcut’ option


* Easy-to-use PSEmu Pro configuration utility... my first tribute to PSEmu Pro :)

PSSwitch Version 1.0.12 (88 KByte Zip-File)

PSSwich Manual 1.0.12 (73 KByte Zip-File)

- Added new XA Audio/MDEC Video support in 'Quick configuration->Options', Auto-detection of PSE versions

PSSwitch / ePSXeCutor stuff

* Some PSSwitch / ePSXeCutor related resources...

PSSwitch/ePSXeCutor images and ePSXeCutor 1.0.1 configs (121 KByte Zip-File)
Contains: all kind of images and configs done by Simon Mallion. Please use the configs with care!

PSSwitch/ePSXeCutor images (4 KByte Zip-File)
Contains: Spyro, Crash, Breath of Fire III config bitmaps and a sample group list

PSSwitch/ePSXeCutur Tekken 3 images (64 KByte Zip-File)
Contains: 21 images for Tekken 3 in hi-color. Thanks to the Mage!

PSSwitch/ePSXeCutor Crash 3 and PSX-Test images (15 KByte Zip-File)
Contains: 9 images in hi-color. Thanks again to the Mage!

PSSwitch/ePSXeCutor KulaWorld images (8 KByte Zip-File)
Contains: 3 images in hi-color. The Mage likes KulaWorld!

PSSwitch/ePSXeCutor Soulblade images (36 KByte Zip-File)
Contains: 13 images in hi-color. The Mage is swinging the sword!

PSSwitch/ePSXeCutor 'Mage' group imagelist (28 KByte Zip-File)
Contains: grouplist (Tekken/Crash/Kula/Soulblade) in hi-color. Updated by the Mage!

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