Latest release:
(January 25, 2006)



Duddie and Tratax of the PSEmu fame started to code a Gamecube emulator in  June 2004. A year later they asked me to improve the graphic plugin of "GCEmu", and, well, I did it... to a certain degree :)

Ah, but the development stopped somehow six months ago (we all were busy with other stuff), so the decision was made to release the emulator in its current state. The release was planned for mid-December 2005, ahem, yeah, now it's late January 2006, just another sign of the overall lazyness :)

What can you expect from GCEmu? Let me quote Tratax's readme:

"GCEmu is a very incomplete emulator for the Nintendo Gamecube.
It uses recompilation techniques and some other tricks to achieve a reasonable speed. Although emulation is very incomplete, this emulation shows that 'it can be done' and can be done at a decent speed.

Where Dolphin Emu shows that the emulation can be done, GCEmu shows that it can be done at speed. This is because the different focus. Where the Dolphin guys hate to do cpu emulation (especially recompilers) this is exactly what I (Tratax) have been playing with since PSEmu.

It was made using Visual Studio C++ using pure C code and a few bits of assembler."

I've uploaded the GCEmu binaries and sources (including the gx plugin sources and some dsp reverse engineering infos from Duddie) in one big archive to a Sourceforge project. The binaries are MS-Windows only, and you will need a fast system with a pixel shader 2.0 capable gfx card to run the emu.  

And keep in mind: glitches, crashes and other lovely emu troubles are to be expected when you are trying to run GC games in GCEmu. That's just the way it is.

The GCEmu project page on

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